• Residential Treatment Center for Teens 14-17

Troubled Teen Programs

Troubled Teen Programs

Parents searching for troubled teen programs with the expertise and support to help their child through emotional and behavioral challenges should consider Solstice East as a therapeutic option for their child. Solstice East, a residential treatment center for teen girls ages 14-18, can help your teen achieve lasting success. Our program is specifically designed to help girls struggling with trauma, anxiety, and depression. Families come to us feeling at the end of their rope. We can provide the hope your family and teen need to build a happier, more successful future.

At Solstice East, we don’t believe the teens we help our “troubled” in any way, shape, or form. They just need the extra guidance to lead them on the right path in life. Our students are perfectly capable, bright young women who have exciting futures ahead of them.

Why Choose Solstice East?

As one of the leading troubled teen programs, Solstice East is a specialized program specifically created to address the needs of teenage girls. Here are some of the ways we help teens achieve success:

  • We only hire the best: Our passionate staff have been trained to work with the specific challenges students face. Our staff have two mottos — “Think Like A Mom” and “Be An Everyday Hero”. Staff members help provide the safest, most nurturing healing environment possible for students.
  • Family-focused programming: Family therapy at Solstice East addresses family dynamics and relationships. Family programming includes: family seminars, weekly family therapy sessions, and experiential interventions. Throughout your daughter’s time at Solstice East, we involve the entire family in the healing process.
  • Focus on Inside-Out Change: At Solstice East, we seek to create self-sustaining and lifelong change. We do this by working with your daughter on developing positive values such as respect, responsibility, love, family relationships, and personal growth it is more self-sustaining.


Achieving Success at Solstice East


There is a reason why Solstice East is among the most successful programs for troubled teens in the country. We have a personal approach to every girl and a specifically designed therapy that helps them recover from various traumas, personal losses, and addictive behavior. We do that by covering every aspect of their being: the soul, the mind, and the body. We believe that only when all three aspects are in order, a person can achieve their full potential and be happy and that’s why our programs for troubled teens work. 

But we can’t do everything. Family plays an important role in every girl’s life and is a crucial factor in helping them to get their lives in order.

The process, Hero’s Journey, contains multiple phases that slowly makes every student familiar with her new surroundings. With the help of Solstice East staff and the students’ families, every girl is certain to successfully finish tasks that each phase contains.

Several types of therapies, such as equine therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy, to name a few, are there to help with the Hero’s Journey and bring peace to student’s mind and soul.

We make sure that every student participates in recreational activities and eats healthy, improving their fitness level and physical abilities since it’s a well-known fact that a healthy body and healthy mind are inseparable. The combination of everything mentioned above is what makes this program unlike any other troubled teen programs.


A Nurturing, Home-Like Environment For Personal Growth

Every detail of our treatment center is designed in a way to create a home-like environment and make students feel at ease. Various task and responsibilities are given to each student, but not more than they can handle. Our experienced staff makes sure that our students are challenged, but not overwhelmed. As they grow,  both intellectually and emotionally, they become closer to finding the success they deserve.

Students are encouraged to participate in our close-knit community and establish meaningful relationships with the staff and other students. During their time at Solstice East, students gain real-life knowledge and useful abilities, become more self-confident, and get rid of everything that holds them back from reaching their fullest potential. This structured community setting, known as milieu therapy, truly makes Solstice East one of the most competent programs for troubled teens.

An extensive therapeutic program, including milieu therapy, helps students along their journey towards success and helps them work through underlying issues.

We utilize equine therapy  to help our students establish healthy relationships. Individual and group therapies with experienced therapists help them overcome any obstacle. Detailed individual therapy is one of the reasons that make our program so unique, compared to other troubled teen programs.