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“Milieu” is another way of describing the environment or culture of an individual or program.

One of the strengths of Solstice East is our experiential therapy approach which uses the residential environment to see behaviors and emotions in practice, not just in an office or room talking about therapy. Milieu experiential therapy provides “in-the-moment” reality that is nearly impossible to replicate later at an appointment.

The Powerful Impact of a Social Enviornment

The social culture of an adolescent has a powerful influence on their behavior.

Milieu experiential therapy utilizes the social culture of the residential treatment center to create positive changes in our students. These changes are achieved through therapeutic use of community, which includes their peers, staff, community roles and responsibilities, groups, and meetings. The positive influence of peers can promote a powerful and lasting change when combined with the skillful application of other therapeutic interventions.

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Small, Intimate Setting More Like Home

The home-like setting of Solstice also more closely matches the settings our students will return back to. This provides even greater and more realistic insight and opportunities for change. With a smaller therapeutic setting we can better see where our student’s strengths and weaknesses are, helping them to grow in real life scenarios. Our experiential therapy is one of the aspects that separates us from other programs.

Clinical and residential staff work together seamlessly in the creation and implementation of a therapeutic milieu to create the most lasting positive outcomes in our students. Through our milieu and experiential therapy, our students are led back onto a path that benefits them in the future. The Solstice Team works together to help every student make these changes as they continue on their journey back to health and happiness.

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