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Family Group Therapy

The heart of our clinical program is Family Group Therapy interventions. We firmly believe in the immense importance that strong family relationships can provide. The core of our programming is based on healing damaged relationships so that we can help restore healthy connections within the family system. In addition to weekly family group therapy sessions by phone, we also invite families to visit the campus and participate in face-to-face family group therapy sessions. Weekend visits are highly encouraged.

Along with this, we also conduct onsite, multi-day, family seminars which include all families who are currently enrolled in our program. These intensive, multi-family experiences are conducted 4 times a year and provide powerful, therapeutic experiences. Oftentimes families will highlight these events as significant turning points in their lives.

More than Calls and Workshops

These calls and seminars are incredibly useful in the journeys of our students, but we want to ensure that changes are more than just talk, which is why we include family intervention through every phase of the process.

Every phase of the journey involves student expectations and requirements before they can move onto the next phase. In this way, we can help solidify these new skills and habits before moving on to higher level expectations and challenges.

In a similar fashion, families back home have expectations and requirements to help their child move forward in their Hero’s Journey as well. Families recognize that creating success involves making changes on their end. These changes will better support healthier relationships with their child.

With students, family, and our caring, passionate staff all working together we can help instill lasting changes.

Hope is Here

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