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Summer Camp For Troubled Teens

Summer camp for Troubled Teens Leads Girls Toward Success

No two traumas are the same. Whether caused by a catastrophic event, or by a seemingly “smaller” factor, trauma can cause a child severe distress whatever its scale. In fact, oftentimes, the fallout is dependent on how a particular child is wired – two girls may respond to the same traumatic event in entirely different ways. Studies estimate that up to 43% of girls experience a trauma growing up, with up to 15% of girls experiencing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. But even without the diagnosable symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, trauma can be extremely damaging to a child’s well-being. This is where Solstice East comes in: by utilizing its unique therapeutic approach, girls can find the help they require. A long-term solution to overcoming trauma, Solstice East is a far cry from a typical summer camp for troubled teens. 

At Solstice East, year-round programming ensures that every girl can get the help she needs at any point. By allowing girls to stay at Solstice East longer, every student is given a deeper therapeutic experience than a shorter program could offer. This often proves to be a more effective approach than the short-term stay a summer camp for troubled teens would offer.

Located in the picturesque mountains of North Carolina, Solstice East offers help to struggling girls from anywhere in the United States. With Solstice East, girls troubled by the effects of trauma – among many other issues – can finally get the treatment they deserve to return to a healthy path.

Solstice East: More than a summer camp for troubled teens

There are many reasons to choose Solstice East as an alternative to a summer camp for troubled teens. Our unique approach to helping girls overcome their struggles consists of unparalleled therapeutic options that ensure that every student gets the best care available. At Solstice East, we firmly believe that people are at the heart of the healing process. Therefore, it is only natural that every student gets a personalized treatment plan to help them on their journey toward success. A warm, professional staff allows every student to feel right at home as they are guided into genuine, lasting change for the better.

Solstice East features a wide variety of therapeutic activities and state-of-the-art facilities to best suit every child’s needs. From various kinds of animal therapy, to regular group and family-based sessions, at Solstice East every struggling girl is cared for and given attention. Since the family is a vital part of the therapeutic process, frequent communication with parents is at the heart of the experience. At Solstice East, a child is never far away from home. Many struggling girls who enter Solstice East have had difficulty forming relationships. With the help of Solstice East, these troubles can become a thing of the past.

Solstice East, a residential treatment center for troubled girls, accepts girls aged 14-18 who have been troubled by various issues, including mental health problems, a low self-image, and trauma. Located in North Carolina, families from every state are welcome. For more information, call 855-672-7058 today!

The Solstice Difference

There are many summer camps for troubled teens, but the Solstice experience isn’t one you’ll find anywhere else.

What makes Solstice so special?

Gender Specific: Girls and boys have different needs, so why shouldn’t they be treated separately? Our program boasts better results due to our gender specific treatment plans.

Focus on Internal to External Change: There’s a difference between compliance and real change. Our program focuses on healing our girls from the inside out so they will comply because they want to, not because they feel they have to.

Intensive Hiring Process: We only hire only the most highly qualified and passionate people to join our team and take on the task of caring for our girls.

Family-Centered Approach: It’s not enough to just care for our students—we want to help heal their families, too, and provide tools for building and maintaining healthy relationships going forward.

Privately owned: Our facility is run by owners who care strongly and deeply for their cause.

Hero’s Journey: Your daughter’s experience at Solstice is designed to mirror the archetypal Hero’s Journey, which provides her the opportunity to monitor her progression and see how much further she has to go, while also inspiring her to reach the ending.

The unique experience we offer our students makes us stand out, and will not only help your daughter start to heal, but create lasting memories and close relationships as well.