• Residential Treatment Center for Teens 14-17

Service Activities

Often times, our students can develop a microscopic view of their “world”.  There is incredible power psychologically about offering help and servicing others.  It helps remind us all that there are needs outside of our own. Along with this, the positive feelings of contributing to the community or another can strengthen the hears even those teens struggling mightily. 

We create a culture that fosters the development of strong, positive identities among young women. As they grow and develop alongside one another, they form trusting and caring relationships with each other that can last a lifetime.


Volunteering is a significant component of our program. The girls participate in service twice a month. This gives them an opportunity to look beyond themselves and give back to their community. Some of the service projects include opportunities to volunteer at some of the following venues:

  • local fitness events
  • food banks
  • nature centers and gardens
  • animal shelters
  • nursing homes
  • various other community awareness events

Our intention, through residential treatment for depression, is to create an environment where they are constantly learning through experiencing. Through this experiential model, the insights they gain become a very powerful tool that they can apply to their daily lives. As they are continually challenged in a number of different realms, our hope is that the girls gain a better understanding of themselves as a whole person.

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