• Residential Treatment Center for Teens 14-17

Recreation Team

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Adventure Therapy Specialist

Dan Horseman, B.S.

Dan Horseman thrives in the outdoors. From a young age, he participated in sports of all sorts and spent as much time as he could in nature. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Education and Psychology from Georgia College, effectively combining his passions of outdoor recreation with therapeutic experiential education. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Dan moved to North Carolina and worked leading outdoor adventure trips and teaching primitive living skills for children of all ages. His adventurous spirit led him to Colorado where he spent two years coordinating an adventure leadership program for local youth and perfecting his rock climbing technique.

Throughout his work and adventures, Dan’s education post-college has continued. He has received outdoor-related certifications as a Wilderness First Responder, AMGA Single Pitch Climbing Instructor, Certified Swiftwater Rescuer, and as a Leave No Trace Trainer. Through his training in sports and the outdoors, Dan has learned that nature, teamwork, and perseverance can build important life skills. He has witnessed the healing powers that can be found through spending time in nature and challenging oneself through new experiences and believes that youth who engage in these mediums develop strong values, build positive self-esteem, foster friendships, grow as young leaders, and engage in healthy lifestyles.

When Dan is not leading group excursions with students, he continues to enjoy exploring the outdoors rock climbing, whitewater paddling, mountain biking, running, and hiking with his wife, Kaity, and dog, Kara.   One of Dan’s favorite personal achievements includes thru-hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail in 2013.

Adventure Leader

Adam Becker

Adam graduated Warren Wilson College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Leadership and a minor in Biology. He has worked as a Lead Sea Kayaking Guide in Hawaii, led Whitewater Kayaking in Colorado and was a Ski Patroller in Cataloochee. Adam is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician, Outdoor Emergency Care Technician, a Swiftwater Rescue Technician, a Wilderness First Responder, and a Wildland Firefighter Type II. Adam says, “I have learned and grown massively through my experiences in wilderness and in Adventure settings. Providing similar challenging and empowering opportunities for our students allows me to share those experiences that have been incredibly important in my own development.”

Fitness Coordinator

Rachel Rothstein

Rachel was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. She has been working in the Wellness/Fitness industry for about 15 years and has a plethora of experience with people of all backgrounds and ages ranging from 5-95 years young. Rachel received her Bachelors of Science from App State U and Masters of Science from The Citadel, with degrees in Exercise Sports Science with minors in Psychology and Health Care Management.

Rachel’s passion has always been helping individuals incorporate movement and positive vibes into their everyday life!
Some of her favorite things to do are hanging out with her partner and two dogs. She also enjoys cooking and going on adventures.

Adventure Therapy Specialist

Tashni Chamberlain

Tashni comes to Solstice East with broad experience in therapeutic settings and the outdoor adventure world. Her diverse background ranges from leading an environmental conservation crew in Nevada to working in recreation therapy in Vermont. Among other things, she is a yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. In her free time you can find her baking with sourdough, silversmithing, trying her hand at pottery, and of course exploring the outdoors.