Psychotherapy care and medication management is an integral part of the holistic treatment approach.

Solstice East has a psychiatrist on staff who is fully integrated into the treatment team. She participates in every treatment team review of the residents every week.

The Solstice East residential treatment center has a conservative approach regarding the use of medication in treating mental health issues in adolescents. Some of our residents clearly meet diagnostic criteria that indicate a medication component in their treatment plan, but others may not. In some cases this remains an integral part of the treatment plan over time, even as the resident completes treatment and returns home. We work to find which psychotherapy works the best and most efficiently to treat our girls’ individual needs.

We also find that many of our residents come to us on medications which are not required in their long-term treatment. In many cases, treatment response is positive enough that we can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for. Of course, this process is methodic. It includes consultation with the entire treatment team as well as the parents, and takes place over a prolonged period of time. Parents and residents are always involved in discussions about medications before any changes are made.

The cost of these services is not included in our per diem rate. Not all residents require these services on a regular basis, so these services are provided as needed. However, psychotherapy services are generally reimbursable by health insurance plans, and Solstice does assist families in getting the cost of these services reimbursed. We strive to help struggling teen girls and give them the full, healthy lives they deserve. Through our trained staff, safe environment, and evidence-based therapeutic techniques, your daughter can succeed in moving towards a brighter future.

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