As one of the leading residential treatment centers, our therapists are experts in working with young women and their families. Each one of our therapists has a caseload of only 6 girls, which enables them to provide a greater deal of personal contact and involvement in the girls’ everyday lives. This is a small caseload compared to industry average. This allows for the girls to have increased access to their therapist, and for the therapists to have time outside of session to spend with their clients. Every week students receive a minimum of 3 hours of individual / family therapy. Our extensive individual therapy is one of the aspects that sets us apart from other residential treatment centers.

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Using the relationship-based approach as our guide, the therapists understand the value of spending time with the girls beyond the walls of the therapist office. Building rapport outside of the office setting is critical to the development of a therapeutic alliance between the girls and therapists, which is necessary in the healing process. As one of the top residential treatment centers, our therapists often participate in adventure therapy outings, camping trips, recreation activities, and mealtime with residents. Because they have a manageable caseload, they are able to be more involved in these opportunities.

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