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Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is a journey which includes universal themes found in literature, theatre and film. These themes are prevalent in both ancient and modern societies. During the Hero’s Journey the hero advances through phases of self-discovery, along the way facing their personal dragons in the form of fears, doubts and insecurities. As our troubled teen girls advance victoriously through these challenges they grow towards becoming “at-one” with their true self.

Getting Ready

Do you have your supplies?  Is your mind ready? During this stage the expectations for the journey are set.  The Solstice student and parents demonstrate understanding of Solstice surroundings, peers, and rules.

Journey Begins

Gear is packed.  Will you answer the call?

Our student Hero answers the call into adventure extended by treatment team.  During this phase, she will move from the known to the unknown. Our Hero leaves behind familiar everyday life for a life of possibilities at Solstice East. Our troubled teen girls leave behind their homes, old selves, and old world by recognizing their need to change, grow, and find greater balance.

Adventure into Unknown

Are you ready to cross?  You’ll have help along the way.

The adventure has begun. Our student crosses the threshold into the unknown which can be a challenging place with fear, uncertainty, and incredible opportunity.  The therapists and treatment team serve as the Guardians, ensuring students are ready for the challenge. Once student is ready and crosses the threshold these same guardians become the guides helping the Hero on their journey.

Heart of the Adventure 

Can you persevere?  Gain the confidence to turn weaknesses into strengths

The journey can be challenging. It will be a personal battle of overcoming past reactions and previous pain while maintaining the stamina and motivation to effect true change.  Students will lean on mentors and fellow students. Some of whom are facing similar challenges or are further along their personal journeys. As our troubled teen girls overcome increasingly difficult challenges, they will continue to build confidence along the way.

Sample tasks to complete stage:

Student Requirements*

  • Complete physical, emotional, social and spiritual quest.
  • Master an outdoor life skill with help of resident in Atonement phase.
  • Demonstrate competence in mindfulness practice.
  • Demonstrate honesty and insight with peers and therapeutic team.

Family Requirements*

  • Create a Family Hero’s Code and discuss as family.
  • Complete all family bridge assignments.
  • Complete three therapeutic assignments.

Slay the Personal Dragons

Are you prepared to slay your dragons? Reveal your true self and revel in your success. 

During this phase of the journey, the Hero develops a deeper understanding of the greatest challenges that she will face. She will incorporate all of her new skills, maturity and confidence into the battle as she enters the abyss alone, ready to slay her personal dragons. Only the student Hero can complete this stage as only she has the power to control her actions and decisions.  In doing so, the hero will be laying to rest old patterns of thinking and interactions as well as preparing for atonement and rebirth. Sometimes, a Hero may face these dragons only to find out that she is not quite ready for the challenge. In this case, the Hero must return to smaller challenges to gain more skills and confidence before returning into the abyss. Strength and endurance comes in the form of a revelation or realization and resultant dramatic change in the way the Hero thinks about and lives her life.

Sample tasks to complete phase:

Student Requirements*

  • Provide proposal to treatment team of service project to be completed in home community.
  • Create “Out of the Abyss” assignment with therapist.
  • Begin working on the “for daughter” section of your Solstice Transition Resource Guide.
  • Design service project with treatment team to complete at home visit.

Family Requirements*

  • Begin working on the “for parents” section of your Solstice Transition Resource Guide.
  • Complete two therapeutic assignments.
  • Create experiential activity, participate with daughter on home visit, and discuss in family therapy.


Success!  The battle is won!

After emerging victorious from her battle, the Hero’s transformation is complete!  The Hero can become “at-one” with her new self. As a result, she comes into harmony with life and the world around her. Fear, ignorance, dependence, and irresponsibility must die to make way for the birth of love, wisdom, interdependence and responsibility. She has transitioned from troubled teen girls to beautiful young women. The initial problems that caused need for her separation from the world have been addressed and it is now time to prepare for her return.

Sample tasks to complete phase:

Student Requirements*

  • Complete a personal quest of own design from Hero’s Code.
  • Teach another student in Initiation Phase outdoor skill or life skill.
  • Lead off-campus activity with recreation staff.
  • Organize activity for entire Solstice community.

Family Requirements*

  • Complete Solstice Transition Resource Guide as a family.
  • Complete any assignments delivered to you via the family bridge.
  • Complete three therapeutic assignments as assigned by your therapist.


Return home a new you.

The Hero returns to the next journey—her return home and return to her new life.

The hero now recognizes her ability to create joy and value in the lives of others through using her gifts and talents in their service.  She may find she needs to leave behind some elements of her old lifestyle and even old friends. This can lead to discouragement and disillusionment but for the prepared Hero or it could lead toward greater transcendence.

While her return signifies her completion of this particular journey—the Hero knows more journeys will be presented but she possesses the skills and confidence to succeed.

*All of the assignments listed here are a small sample of the work to be done. The Student Handbook and Parent Manual provide a thorough list of everything!

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