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Unknown Perks of Practicing Mindfulness in Teens

Unknown Perks of Practicing Mindfulness in Teens

Unknown Perks of Practicing Mindfulness in Teens 150 150 se_admin

In a world that’s constantly going, finding the time to calm down is difficult, especially for teens. The benefits of practicing mindfulness in teens are extensive and often unmentioned in daily life. They should be, though. Teenagers handle an immense amount of stress in day-to-day life. Hormones, drama, homework, exams; the list goes on and on.

Learning to harness the power of mindfulness can significantly affect a teenager’s life. More and more research has been coming out about the health benefits of practicing mindfulness in teens, and it’s plentiful.

A few ways mindfulness can help your teen

Reduces Stress. This should be a top priority for any teenager. Studies show that a daily dose of mindfulness can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety greatly. Even a small amount each day, just 10 minutes, has had this result. 

Emotion Regulation. Teenagers struggle with this significantly because of the wacky amount of hormones wreaking havoc on their bodies. Practicing mindfulness in teens has shown to allow a stronger discipline over emotional spikes.

Memory Improvement. Remembering everything for tests, homework, presentations, etc. can put a strain on the brain, but mindfulness training has proven to improve working memory. This type of improvement makes it easier for someone to absorb and understand information.

Reflection. When you’re constantly working and moving, it can be a challenge to take a step back and understand how you’re actually feeling. A lot of the time, teenagers ignore emotions and don’t tell anyone how they’re feeling, which can eventually lead to worsened conditions such as depression. Research shows that by practicing mindfulness in teens, they learn to really comprehend how they’re feeling, making it easier to communicate when something is wrong. 

Solstice East and mindfulness in teens

Solstice East is a residential treatment center for teen girls (ages 14-18) struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, and many more. We use multiple therapeutic techniques, like mindfulness in teens, to help the young women in our program work towards a healthy and happy future.

For more information about Solstice East, please contact us at (855) 672-7058.