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Trauma Treatment Centers: The Effects of Stress on the Brain

Trauma Treatment Centers: The Effects of Stress on the Brain

Trauma Treatment Centers: The Effects of Stress on the Brain 150 150 se_admin

We all feel stressed out from time to time, it’s just another part of life. Sometimes stress can cause serious damage, though. In trauma treatment centers, we deal with individuals who have experienced more than regular stress. The Sidran Institute offers a clear definition of when stress becomes dangerous:

“A traumatic event or situation creates psychological trauma when it overwhelms the individual’s ability to cope, and leaves that person fearing death, annihilation, mutilation, or psychosis. The individual may feel emotionally, cognitively, and physically overwhelmed. The circumstances of the event commonly include abuse of power, betrayal of trust, entrapment, helplessness, pain, confusion, and/or loss.”

It’s in these times that the stress of a situation has the power to fiercely affect a person’s mental and physical state. It can severely impact how a student performs in school, acts at home, and interacts with others.

Stress & trauma disrupt learning

Stress can be positive. It can motivate us to get work done and innovate–but only when we still feel as if we have control of the situation. Stress becomes toxic–even traumatic–when we feel vastly out of control, unable to relax, plagued by stressful thoughts, and hopeless to a situation. In trauma treatment centers, we often deal with adolescents that have undergone this high level of distress.

When stress reaches this negative point, things start to go downhill. According to a study by the University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, stress has the power to significantly affect learning ability. Researchers found that stress has an effect on the memory that makes it difficult for students to recall or absorb new information.

With the amount of stress students face in daily life nowadays, that should be a bit troubling. A lot of responsibility is placed on their shoulders, but little is taught in the area of how to manage it all in healthy ways. And that’s just the regular stress of a student in modern day America.

For students who have experienced a traumatic event, learning can be even more difficult. Without the proper coping methods, academic performance can plummet along with social, emotional, and physical wellness.

In some studies, it’s been found that chronic stress actually changes the brain in students. The pre-frontal cortex can be affected–which is an essential area that deals with learning. This can cause issues with concentration, creativity, memory, and attention, which are all critical parts of academic performance.

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