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Teen Anxiety: More Common in Young Women

Teen Anxiety: More Common in Young Women

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Research Suggests That Women Are More Likely to Experience Teen Anxiety

Teen anxiety disorders can make life extremely difficult for individuals. Typical symptoms of teen anxiety disorder include increased worrying, tension, tiredness, and fear. These symptoms in teens often prevent them from living normal lives and keeping up with their everyday routines. It can be detrimental to their success in school and on their relationships with their peers. Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental disorder present within the general population. The CDC estimates that the lifetime prevalence of teen anxiety and other anxiety disorders is more than 15 percent. A recent article by Medical News Today, states that a review of previous research has found that teen anxiety is more common in young women.

The Research

Researchers led by the University of Cambridge, examined the findings of 48 reviews of anxiety studies. The reviews included content on the development of teen anxiety, anxiety in relation to addiction, and anxiety related to other health conditions like cancer and heart disease. On top of this, the reviews also looked at anxiety in different settings, including clinical, community, and different places around the globe.


According to the reviews, the group of people who were most affected by teen anxiety and other anxiety disorders were young women and people with other health conditions. Around 4 in every 100 people overall are reported to experience a form of anxiety. The United States has one of the highest rates of anxiety in the world. While anxiety disorders are a growing area of interest for research, there are limitations on what existing research is present. Select groups are underrepresented in reviews that the researchers looked at. Even with a reasonably large number of studies of anxiety disorder, data about marginalized groups is hard to find. These are the people who are likely to be at a greater risk than the general population.

By identifying these gaps, future research can be directed towards marginalized groups and include greater understanding of how findings can help reduce individual and population burdens brought on by teen anxiety or other anxiety disorders. It is important to understand how common teen anxiety and other anxiety disorders are and which groups of people are at a greater risk.

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