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Residential Treatment Centers in Virginia and NC

Residential Treatment Centers in Virginia and NC

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Are you seeking residential treatment centers in Virginia and NC? As parents we do our best to help our children feel successful and happy.  When our teenagers seem uncommonly sad and show signs of depression, it’s important to remember that their sadness may have nothing to do with your parenting.  There are many things that can influence a teenager’s thoughts and feelings.  They can be highly influenced by friends, peers, and media they view or participate in.  Our teenagers experience traumas, they may lose a loved one, or struggle with some type of addiction. And as a parent,  you can do your best to help them by learning additional information on how to support and help your child when they are struggling.

Sometimes the best recourse for your family will be to send your teen to a beautiful, therapeutic, campus or treatment center where they can learn new coping skills while being watched over and protected by licensed professionals around the clock.  Solstice East, in North Carolina, neighbors Virginia and is known to be one of the most effective treatment centers for struggling teens. However, there are many treatment centers to consider. Here are some questions you may want to consider as you make a decision.

Residential Treatment Centers in Virginia

Residential Treatment Centers in Virginia

Checklist for Residential Treatment Center

Below is a list compiled from various sources from the Federal Trade Commission. These are some possible factors to consider:

  1. Is the center licensed by the state?
  2. What type of programs and therapy are offered?
  3. Check online reviews about the center and view comments. Note who gives the comments.
    1. In addition, check whether the center responded to negative reviews.
  4. Where is the care center located?
  5. How many teens are going to be there at the same time?
  6. Is the facility gender-mixed, or, are the sexes separated?
  7. What treatment center or centers does my mental health professional recommend?
    1. Why do they recommend those specific centers?
  8. Do they offer an academic curriculum?
  9. What is the success rate?
    1. How many have graduated from the program?
    2. What causes the early removal of previous students from the program?
    3. Are there any direct complaints against the staff?
  10. How much communication will be allowed once my teen has enrolled?
  11. What mental health issues are or are not treated?
  12. Is the facility publicly, or privately owned?
  13. Who is the person in charge of all the care?
  14. When are the registration deadlines?
  15. What kind of online presence does the center have?
    1. Do they have a professionally looking website?
    2. What social media accounts do they regularly update?
    3. Is the information online current, or is it from a few years ago?
    4. What are the overall customer reviews on and off the website?
Residential Treatment Centers

Residential Treatment Centers

After Research, Take A Tour

If you research too much and don’t take a tour, you could suffer from “paralysis by analysis.” If you are interested in a treatment center take the next step and get a guided tour to see how the treatment center feels and to better understand its atmosphere.

Below are some questions that may help you during your tour:

  • How many buildings are on the campus?
  • Are the living spaces clean and free of clutter?
  • How many teens share a bedroom?
  • Is there a gym, cafeteria, classrooms, or bathrooms?
  • Where would your teen bathe? Is it a group shower or private showers?
  • Do you see any obvious fire hazards?
  • Is it a gated / walled-off location?
  • Where are the nearest Fire Stations, Police Stations, and Hospitals?
  • Is it in a remote location or in a metropolitan area?
  • Is it located in an area prone to allergens or pollution? If so, which ones and of what kind?


Another important aspect to consider before sending your child to a treatment center are the rigorous privacy policies the center abides by and upholds.

Remember your child’s privacy when seeking treatment for them via a residential treatment center. Your teen may want their struggles to be kept private and may have an opinion as to which people are allowed to know about their journey to mental and emotional well-being.

Which Facility is the Right One for My Teen?

After all the research, tours, and after seeking advice, it is important to make a choice for your teen.

For teenage girls that are suffering from trauma, substance abuse, and/or attachment issues, Solstice East, neighboring Virginia, would be an ideal location for them to rediscover happiness and success in their life. Solstice East is registered and licensed with the state and is one of the most effective residential treatment centers in North Carolina. This campus is located in beautiful Western North Carolina and is located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It’s a beautiful campus in a rural area full of trees, outdoor activities, and fresh air. Your daughter will have opportunities to go hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, canoeing, and white water rafting.

In terms of physical facilities, we have the following located on our 25 acre campus itself:

  1. Large school building or Academic Center
  2. Indoor Pool
  3. Outdoor Pool
  4. Grazing land for our horses
  5. A pond
  6. Lodge where the girls sleep surrounded by numerous trees
  7. Walking trail
  8. Numerous other out-buildings: chicken coop, barn, therapy office, cabin, dorms

Please take the final step and get in contact with our admissions team by phone or by email as soon as you are ready to make the best decision for your daughter.

RTC in West Virginia

RTC in West Virginia

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