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Why Residential Treatment Centers in North Carolina Are Exceptional

Why Residential Treatment Centers in North Carolina Are Exceptional

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Are you looking for residential treatment centers in North Carolina? Families seeking the best residential treatment program for their teenage girl come from all over the country to Solstice East, located in North Carolina. People come here from all over the world to experience its world-class program and to enjoy visiting the beauties of the great outdoors.

Many families are willing to travel outside their home state in order to find the most fitting program opportunities for their teen. Solstice East’s teenage treatment center for girls is one such program. Alongside our world class treatment program, the following are just a handful of the reasons families love to travel to North Carolina:

Residential Treatment Centers in North Carolina

Goldilocks Weather

North Carolina is beautiful and the weather is temperate. On average, NC will get down to 32°F in December and will have an average high near 90°F in July. This range will allow for temporary frost without getting too hot to prevent our girls from being able to enjoy the outdoors. In our humble opinion, North Carolina gets just the right amount of rainfall and sunshine.

Sunshine is Remarkably Beneficial for Your Teen

  1. Sunshine lends to improved Vitamin D absorption which is an important factor in improving mental health.
  2. People with less exposure to sunlight have an increase in mental health distress. There is a high correlation between sunshine and happiness more so than rainfall, temperature, or any other environmental factor.
  3. Taking appropriate breaks from electronics and getting back into nature helps our bodies regain the natural rhythm. An ideally regulated circadian rhythm can help your teen fully awake during the day and then be able to have deeper sleep during the night.
  4. Sunlight prompts our bodies to release nitric oxide into our bloodstream. Nitric oxide release relaxes blood vessels which can improve your teen’s blood pressure and improve overall heart health over time.
Residential Treatment Centers in NC

Residential Treatment Centers in NC

The Solstice East Scenery and Surrounding Natural Playground is Beautiful

Weather and sunshine aside, the topography surrounding our facilities is ideal.  Solstice East in Asheville, NC, is located in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The location is scenic and would benefit anyone who is having trouble with their mental health.

North Carolina is a fantastic location to have a residential treatment center as there are ample opportunities for your daughter to experience the outdoors. It is also ideal as a travel destination for family visits. It features some of the most scenic trails along the Appalachian Mountains. In the western portion of the state, there are three regions close enough where teens might have opportunities to take part in great adventures:

  • High Country is a great location for camping, biking, and camping. It is also home to the famous Grandfather Mountain.
  • Asheville and The Foothills are worthwhile landmarks where chimney rock and lake lure are located. This region is an enjoyable fun place to go hiking, zip-lining, and camping. Asheville is also home to beautiful waterfalls and sliding rock.
  • Smoky Mountains and Cherokee are located at the far west tip of the state where you can find the beautiful Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This travel destination is where you can enjoy rafting, gem mining, fly fishing, and mountain biking.

Nature has a healing influence. It’s not uncommon to have psychologists or therapists prescribe more time spent in nature. It’s not surprising that the outdoors can have a rejuvenating, healing, and renewing influence on your daughter. In fact, the American Heart Association asserts that walking through the woods can help combat depression, working out in nature can help reduce anxiety, and nature walks can calm the part of the brain that has been linked to negative rumination.

Services and Residential Treatment Centers in North Carolina

Solstice East is nestled in the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. Our staff understand that a residential treatment center is only as successful as your teen. We value your teen’s ability to grow as an individual and that their personal development ultimately contributes to a successful family life upon graduation. We each come with diverse background experiences and our uniqueness is what allows us to contribute value to those around us. Fellow Solstice girls are able to transform together. Come tour our campus to see how our nationally recognized program nurtures teens towards the best version of themselves.

Solstice East facilitates the transformation of troubled teens assisting them as they take their individual “Hero’s Journey” to scale mental and emotional mountains. The best way to contact Solstice East is by phone or through directly messaging our program via our website or email. Your questions are indeed important to us and we hope to assist you and your loved one along the way. Contact us today and we can help your daughter start her journey of healing.

Residential Treatment Centers

Residential Treatment Centers

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