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PTSD Awareness in Teens: Why Is It Important?

PTSD Awareness in Teens: Why Is It Important?

PTSD Awareness in Teens: Why Is It Important? 150 150 se_admin

Did you know that 3% to 15% of girls and 1% to 6% of boys develop posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of a pre-existing trauma? If you don’t know about PTSD and its impacts on teens, we know why. Because the topic is simply not talked about enough.

Teens are living in their most vulnerable state. The in-between of childhood and adulthood. Everything feels weird. Decision-making is a huge task and hormones are out the roof. PTSD adds to the stresses and challenges of life, taking a huge toll on teen’s emotional and physical state. Assuring, encouraging, and advising teens can mean helping them get their life on track towards a happier, healthier future.

Creating an awareness and educating yourself on PTSD and what it looks like on a teenager is very important. By having knowledge about the disorder, you give yourself access to the tools you need to identify and help teens who are struggling.

The Facts

  • Children and teens that go through the most severe traumas tend to have the highest levels of PTSD symptoms
  • PTSD symptoms may be less severe if the child has more family support and if the parents are less upset by the trauma
  • Children and teens who are farther away from the event report less distress
  • Events that involve violence, such as rape and assault, are more likely to result in PTSD than other types of traumas
  • The more traumas a child goes through, the higher the risk of getting PTSD
  • Girls are more likely than boys to get PTSD
  • PTSD symptoms in teens begin to look like those of adults, except teens are more likely to show impulsive and aggressive behaviors
  • Signs such as sleep problems, anger, and avoidance of certain people or places could indicate PTSD in a teen
  • Changes in school performance and problems with friends could also be a result of PTSD related issues

Spreading the Word

There are endless ways you can help raise awareness of PTSD in teens.

EDUCATE YOURSELF. Surf the web. Read books. Watch videos. Talk to others. These are all ways to educate yourself on PTSD, its effects, and treatment options. Before you can raise awareness on a topic, it is important that you know about the topic.

REACH OUT. Share what you learn. Raising awareness is basically a domino effect. In order for a movement to happen, someone has to start it. Tell others about PTSD in teens and educate them on the quick facts. Motivate them to spread the word and learn more.

SPEAK OUT. Do you know someone who may be struggling with PTSD? If so, take action today. Let them know you are here for support. Help them discover resources and treatments available to them. Your voice could be someone else’s game-changer.

Solstice East can help

Solstice East is a residential treatment center that specializes in helping teen girls struggling with trauma. The program uses a relationship-based approach to include family interventions, emotional safety, healthy boundaries, and individualization. The small, clinically intensive program creates a new hope for young women putting them on track to lead a healthy, independent, and successful life. Let us help your family today.

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