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The Need for a Teenage Depression Test

The Need for a Teenage Depression Test

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A recent article by Richmond discusses a girl’s story of battling depression and the need for a teenage depression test. For Cameron Gallagher, who lived with depression, the pain of her struggle was almost unbearable. It was extremely difficult on her family and friends watching her battling depression and not knowing what to do. Cameron died suddenly at age 16 from an undiscovered heart condition after running a half-marathon, her difficulties provided the inspiration to help other teens seek help and get a teenage depression test.

A Quest Towards Change

Cameron’s family decided to turn this quest into a 5K race, a foundation, and a program to build awareness and support for individuals needing a teenage depression test and those battling other mental health issues. Research by the 2015 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey has shown, that nearly 30 percent of high school students said they had felt sad or hopeless almost every day for two or more weeks within the past year. The students also stated that during these times they had difficulties staying active in certain usual activities they participated in. The study found that percentages were similar at each grade level.

Among female students, the percentage reporting symptoms of depression was nearly 40 percent overall. Grace Gallagher, Cameron’s mother states:

“Love means doing the hard stuff. Sometimes it’s taking you to a doctor’s appointment that you don’t want to go to. There were some nights that were really, really hard—a lot of tear and not just from Cameron.”

The Importance of Seeking Help

Cameron’s story is an impactful message to all families about the importance of seeking a teenage depression test and therapy. At such a young age, it can seem impossible to understand what you’re going through. With the stigma on mental health, it is essential that teens feel supported and capable of speaking up about their mental health struggles.

Don’t wait, let Cameron’s story be the inspiration to seek the help you need. If you or your child are in need of a teenage depression test, there are programs available that can help.

Solstice East can help

Solstice East is a residential treatment center for girls, ages 14 to 18, grappling with teen depression, anxiety, trauma, and other emotional or behavioral issues. We strive to help our girls lead themselves back onto a path of health and happiness.

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