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Mind and Body: Healthy Living and PTSD

Mind and Body: Healthy Living and PTSD

Mind and Body: Healthy Living and PTSD 5760 3840 se_admin

Healthy Living and PTSD are interconnected during the treatment process. While one is working to cope with the symptoms of PTSD, healthy living should also be made a priority. Research from PsychCentral talks about how “the nervous system and brain do not operate separately from the physical body. When we are hurt emotionally and mentally, leveraging the power of lifestyle change should be an important part of the treatment process and effective recovery.”

Making the choice to lead a healthy lifestyle can be challenging because one may not know where to start. After all, starting is the hardest part. Addressing both diet and exercise should be included in pursuing healthy living habits. If your young adult has PTSD, you know how the symptoms can be sometimes overwhelming to cope with. Coming up with a plan to get on a healthy track is important so that things do not worsen for you loved one. Here are two very critical components in ensuring a healthier lifestyle:

Food and Fuel

Diet plays a huge role in one’s overall mental health and wellbeing. Did you know nutrition affects the structure and function of the brain? Studies show that a diet high in sugar and processed carbs can increase one’s risk of depression. Individuals should prioritize eating foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and fish which have a beneficial impact on mood and body.

Get Moving for More Benefits

Exercise offers many benefits towards the brain and functioning of the nervous system. Studies show that there are lower anxiety and depression rates in those who exercise regularly. Given that these are common mental health issues associated with PTSD, exercising is an important way to help prevent and cope. Yoga and/or aerobic activity offers limitless benefits towards ones physical and emotional wellbeing.

Solstice East can help

Solstice East is a residential treatment center for young women ages 14-18 struggling with behavior and emotional issues such as those that can stem from peer-relationship struggles. This program focuses on helping young women heal, recover, and integrate healthy habits into their lives. Students will learn to build healthy relationships, cope with emotions, and effectively communicate. Solstice East gives young women the skills and confidence they need to lead happy and healthy lives. We can help your family today!

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