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What to Look for in a School for Depressed Teen Daughter

What to Look for in a School for Depressed Teen Daughter

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Your daughter doesn’t seem like herself anymore. She doesn’t enjoy activities she used to, she doesn’t like hanging out with her friends, she’s not doing well in school, she’s isolating herself–she’s depressed. When your family has tried out traditional therapy and had no response, it may be time to look into a school for your depressed teen daughter.

Maybe to your surprise, there are quite a few options in the realm of searching for a school for your depressed teen daughter. It’s important to know what factors can separate the wheat from the chaff in this new specialized world into which your family is stepping.

Characteristics of an excellent school for depressed teen daughter

When looking for a school for your depressed teen daughter, it’s essential to consider the therapies, setting, staff, and principles of the program. Some of the qualities of a superior residential school for struggling girls include:

  • Nurturing Environment. For your daughter to heal, she needs to be in an environment that actively works to nurture her and help her grow. This is what a fully therapeutic setting accomplishes. The immersion into therapy provides a level of care girls grappling with mental health issues need to develop the personal growth and confidence essential to healing.
  • Trained, Passionate Staff. You could have the best designed programming in all the land, but without caring, passionate people to execute it, it’s nothing. Staff play a critical role in supporting and supervising your daughter all throughout her healing process. They must be appropriately trained and passionate about helping adolescents work through their issues.
  • Supportive Setting. For success, support is crucial. Not just from the staff, but from the entire program, including the girl’s family. A system of support has to be woven into the fabric of the program to create the right amount of safety and warmth.
  • Comprehensive Therapy. No child is alike–they all have separate challenges and thus require different types of treatment. To do this, there must be a comprehensive therapeutic model put into place. This way, each individual can find which therapies work best for them and help them reach their specific needs.
  • Family Integration. In order for your daughter to truly heal, the whole family has to be brought into the process. Excluding the family won’t fix the issues that developed in the home. Without the support system of the family, reaching a full success is out of the question, this is why it’s so important for it to be included.

If you believe your daughter is having issues with mental health, it is critical to seek out a professional. Hoping the problem will remedy itself with time often does not turn out well–not just for your daughter, but for the whole family.

Solstice East is here to help your daughter

Solstice East is a residential treatment center for girls, ages 14 to 18. We understand the specific needs of girls, which is why our program is centered solely on them. We offer our students help for anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, ADHD, and other emotional or behavioral problems.

We have a strong emphasis on family therapy, nutrition, physical fitness. We also offer a supportive staff, cutting-edge academics, addiction therapy, equine therapy, and psychiatric services. At Solstice, we help set the stage for the infusion of light into the previously darkened lives of the families we serve.

For more information about a school for depressed teen daughter at Solstice East, please contact us at 828-484-9946.