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Importance of Art Education: Classes Help Kids with Autism 

Importance of Art Education: Classes Help Kids with Autism 

Importance of Art Education: Classes Help Kids with Autism  150 150 se_admin

Experts Are Arguing the Importance of Art Education in Autism

The importance of art education is something that has been continuously debated within our society. Many people believe that there is no need for art education to be included in school curriculum. Children only need to learn the fundamental skills including math, science, English, or history. But others believe that the arts provide a form of education that challenges students who don’t always excel in the fundamental curriculum. If you’re on the edge in what you think, experts today argue the importance of art education for kids with Autism. A recent article by Romper discusses how art education can improve social skills for kids with Autism.

School Integration

Recently, more schools have been integrating students with high-functioning Autism into traditional classrooms. While this provides multiple benefits for Autistic children and their peers, it can have its challenges when it comes to social interactions. Experts argue the importance of art education for this reason. They believe certain art classes like drama, can help kids with autism learn social skills and help them in real-world interactions. Drama class exercises like role-play and improve, provide kids with high-functioning Autism experience and practice at common social interactions.

Theory of The Importance of Art Education

Researchers tested the theory of the importance of art education in Autism on a group of Autistic children studying at the SENSE Theatre program run by Blythe Corbette, an associate professor of psychiatry at Vanderbilt University. In this program Corbette and a group of specially trained “peer models”, taught kids with high-functioning Autism basic drama exercises. They compared the children in her program with a control group. She found that the drama students were better able to recognize faces, understand different perspectives, and regulate anxiety. Brain imaging also revealed that their brains were more similar to those of children without Autism.

The Benefits of Art Education

Corbette explains that these changes occurred because improvisation exercises require the participants to be flexible and rely on the social cues of their partners. Many children with Autism rely on internal scripts to deal with social interactions, which makes acting a language they’re already familiar with. Children with Autism can experience challenges with verbal and non-verbal communication. A child with Autism’s inability to interact in socially acceptable ways can lead to negative experiences and responses from their peers, including bullying and avoidance. This research reveals the importance of art education remaining a part of school curriculum. The importance of art education is not only shown in Autism but also for kids who simply struggle with social skills. Drama therapy teaches social skills in a fun and enjoyable way. Art education can drastically benefit a kid’s life, much more than a basic math equation or fact about history.

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