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Healthy Habits for Teens: Avoiding Sports Drinks

Healthy Habits for Teens: Avoiding Sports Drinks

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One would think that one of the healthy habits for teens would be to drink sports drinks instead of sodas–but as BBC just reported, they actually pose a threat to student health. Common sports drinks are high in sugar and promote tooth decay and obesity. Many students believe that sports drinks are healthier for you; while in reality they’re made to consume after highly-intensive work outs and sporting activities, if consumed otherwise, it’s just like drinking a soda.

How have sports drinks become one of the ‘healthy habits for teens’?

Sports drinks frequently are labeled and marketed to target younger audiences, even though they’re highly unnecessary for students and the majority of adults. Only in few situations are sports drinks actually helpful for active performance. They’re not marketed this way, though, which is why so many youth drink them.

“Elite athletes might have reason to use them, but for almost everyone else they represent a real risk to both their oral and their general health.” –Russ Ladwa, from the British Dental Association

In the UK, they’re striving to change promotional content so that sports drinks don’t target the average student. Officials believe this will help majorly in developing healthy habits for teens in the areas of obesity and dental care.

Though this was brought to attention in the UK, it’s a large issue in the US as well. Sports drinks are really only helpful for some elite athletes, not school-age teens involved in sports. To combat this, there needs to be further education on the effects of high intakes of sugar–from sports drinks, soft drinks, etc.–and healthy alternatives to favored drinks. When discussing healthy habits for teens, students should be informed on the best ways to stay hydrated and healthy. It has been shown that milk or water is fully sufficient in quenching a teenager’s thirst and health needs–so there’s no real need for an excess amount of sports drinks.

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