Furry friends are always good to have around. Not only can they comfort you when you’re down, they can also help you work through emotional and behavioral issues. The healing benefits of horses are well documented and are a great way to help struggling teens.

Benefits of equine therapy

Equine therapy, can help teen girls work through emotional and behavioral struggles. Horses are large, seemingly intimidating animals. They have distinct personalities, much like humans, and can sense when someone is uncomfortable around them. 

equine therapy

Image source: flickr user- moyan brenn

If a horse is stubborn or unfriendly towards an individual, it is usually because that individual is emitting negative energy. Because of this, horses make excellent therapeutic tools. They reflect what we are feeling. That means if teens are undergoing emotional or behavioral issues, horses can sense that.

Equine therapy can help teens show a marked improvement in:

  • Self esteem
  • Empathy
  • Impulse control
  • Independence
  • Problem-solving skills

A personal experience

For equine therapy to work, teens must establish a presence for the horse. By creating a presence, teens take the first step in building a bond with the horse. Experiences with horses occur frequently in group settings, but each individual forms a personal bond with the horse.

Horses are honest creatures. This honesty helps teens develop non-verbal communication skills which allows teens to remove their anxieties and respond to the horse with affection and their utmost attention.

Solstice East helps teens using equine therapy

At Solstice East, a residential treatment center for teen girls ages 14-18, equine therapy helps girls move forward on their journey towards healing. With an integrated, comprehensive clinical program, Solstice East helps girls struggling with emotional and behavioral issues by creating a safe, comfortable space for teens to grow as individuals. At the program, teens build healthy relationships, develop a strong sense of self, and utilize experiential therapy like equine therapy to grow through their experience.

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