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Deep Wounds: The Long Lasting Effects of Childhood Bullying

Deep Wounds: The Long Lasting Effects of Childhood Bullying

Deep Wounds: The Long Lasting Effects of Childhood Bullying 150 150 se_admin

Most of us have been bullied once or twice in our lives. Maybe for some, they were the ones doing the bullying. As a child it may have seemed like harmless fun, but according to a recent article by Science Daily, new research has found that the effects of childhood bullying have the equivalent negative psychological effects on girls as severe physical or sexual abuse.

The Research

A study which involved 480 college freshman through seniors, indicated that the detrimental effects of childhood bullying may linger for years. Due to this it can cause negative affect’s on youth’s mental health will into early adulthood.

Participants in the study were surveyed about their exposure to a variety of traumatic experiences—including childhood bullying, cyberbullying and crimes such as robbery, sexual assault, and domestic and community violence—from birth through age 17. Students also reported on their psychological functioning and symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. The students who experienced childhood bullying reported higher levels of mental health problems than their peers.

The Results

Females in particular struggles with the effects of childhood bullying, and reported significantly greater levels of depression, anxiety and PTSD than their male peers. Dorthy Espelage, an Educational psychologist and conductor of the study states:

“The prevalence of psychological distress in children who have been bullied is well-documented, and this research suggests that college students’ psychological distress ay be connected in part to their perceptions of past childhood bullying victimization experiences.”

Practitioners, in collaboration with school officials, need to make more of an effort to develop and put in place programs that decrease the negative effects of childhood bullying. Creating clubs or programs that could teach children suffering from trauma how to feel confident, safe, and empowered could help eliminate later mental health issues from the effects of childhood bullying.

If your child is experiencing negative effects of childhood bullying, there are programs available that can help.

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