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Don’t Let Social Media Get Your Daughter Down: Social Media and Depression in Teens

Don’t Let Social Media Get Your Daughter Down: Social Media and Depression in Teens

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Depression is an all too common problem among today’s teens. The National Institute of Mental Health reports, in fact, that between 10-15% of teen-agers suffer symptoms of teen depression; and, furthermore, that 17.3% of teens that suffered a depressive episode in 2014 were female.

It may come as less of a surprise that social media usage is a surefire trigger of depression in teen girls. And if you ever have observed your daughter’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram sessions, you may see why.

You may hear your daughter lament the fact that her best friend has just posted some glamorous prom photos that put her own to shame; or marvel at how her favorite celeb is painfully slender and always wears the poshest clothes. And you may sense that, behind her derisive laughter and frequent eyerolls, she may be experiencing some genuine feelings of sadness, envy, and insecurity.

Steps to avoiding issues with social media

With a few simple steps, though, you can help your beloved daughter navigate the murky waters of today’s social media; and in the process, help to battle the problem of depression in teen girls.

  1. Introduce her to the concept of smoke and mirrors. Inform your teen that the vast majority of celebrity photos are professionally staged; employing soft focus camera lenses, pro lighting, airbrushing and touch ups, and advanced hair and makeup services to achieve flawless results.
  2. Remind her that most folks present their best faces on Facebook—and, for that matter, on all social media platforms. Her friends likely put a great deal of prep work into their ‘impromptu’ selfies, sometimes spending an hour or more on hair, makeup and clothes.
  3. Remind her that people in general post only the best and most positive facets of their everyday life across their social media pages. They may post photos of their romantic dates with their boyfriends, for examples, but never shots of the heated arguments they’d had the day beforehand. If their lives appear too perfect to be rea;, then most likely they are.
  4. Invite her to step away from the computer. Make sure that your daughter is in attendance at regular family meal times and outings, and that she doesn’t bring her phone with her. Make sure that she leads a balanced life, one filled with academic and social pursuits in addition to any and all online activities.
  5. Remind your daughter on a regular basis that she herself is brilliant, beautiful and magnificent—and that she need not be envious of anyone!

Solstice East can help

Solstice East ranks among the leading residential treatment centers for adolescent girls in the nation, helping those who deal with depression in teen girls and other issues; striving to empower teenage women to believe in and empower themselves. For more information, call 855-672-7058.