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Depression Treatment Centers San Antonio Texas Teens Travel To Attend

Depression Treatment Centers San Antonio Texas Teens Travel To Attend

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Are you seeking depression treatment centers San Antonio? Just like any other parents, San Antonio parents want their teens to live a happy, successful life. Unfortunately, one of the mental health issues that can disrupt that path of happiness in teens is depression. Some parents are willing to travel outside their State to find the most appropriate treatment program for their youth. Solstice East, North Carolina is a depression treatment center for girls that attracts families from all over the country.

Parents can be of great help to their struggling teens in dealing with depression. Solstice East, North Carolina provides resources designed to empower parents to help struggling teens. Advanced treatment modalities used in clinical treatment centers for depression help teens gain the skills and social support they need to combat the growing depression cases. Solstice East is a program with a mission to make a difference for residents of all areas and are especially here to help the youth of San Antonio, Texas.

Depression Treatment Centers San Antonio

Depression Treatment Centers San Antonio

Depression: Quick Statistics at a Glance

Your teen is not alone. Depression takes a serious toll, and unfortunately, it sometimes ends in premature death.

  • Since 1999, there has been a 33% rise in suicides in the United States. According to Texas Public Radio, these figures are at the highest level since World War II.
  • Suicide is the 2nd highest cause of death for those between 10 to 34 years old, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.
  • Over 7% of adults experienced at least one major depressive event last year. These major depressive events are usually associated with either trauma, life circumstances, brain changes, other medical conditions, or drug and alcohol abuse.
  • In San Antonio Texas, there are over 1000 monthly Google search queries for each of the terms, “depression”, “signs of depression”, and “antidepressants”.
Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment Center

Clinical Adventure Therapy for Teen Depression Treatment

Often, the first idea of helping to treat depression may come in the form of medication. However, clinical mental health experts have introduced a balanced treatment program that includes therapy. The program is beneficial to teens living in San Antonio, TX. In other words, medication alone isn’t the answer. Solstice East is a successful treatment center that incorporates many physical adventure activities into their therapies. What new activities can your adolescent engage in to find a way to self-care and a better life? Perhaps we can incorporate more physical adventure into our lives too.

Rock Climbing is a great way to gain confidence. Mental problems are often compared to climbing an emotional mountain to get over the troubles in our lives. Your daughter will be able to find the physical strength to climb a mountain and to conquer it. She will be taught to rise again every time she falls. This reinforces in them a sense of inner strength and perseverance.

Mountain Biking is fun and enthralling. It requires dedication to a chosen path and perseverance. Similar to life, your youth will experience moments of difficulty and joy. They will  push themselves up difficult hills and will then enjoy breathtaking moments as they coast down hills surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

Canoeing is a simple and profound activity that helps young girls understand their responsibility in propelling themselves toward their desired futures. This experience provides an abundance of life metaphors: complete with a canoe to keep them above the water, instructors to point out areas of trouble, and boundaries in which they want to stay. In addition they have another person or people in the canoe to help motivate them along their journey.

Swimming is a simple yet profound activity that instills confidence. Water is often representative of life. Your teen will learn to keep their head above water and breath and work with the resistance the water offers. They will learn that calming themselves, as opposed to over-reacting in fear, is helpful in water as it is in all situations. They will learn that they can use water, like life, as a medium to arrive at desired destinations.

Hiking is an opportunity to learn to love and respect nature.  This can help people reconnect with what they value in life. Solstice East, in North Carolina, gives many opportunities for hikes in the woods. A guide will show your daughter the way and friends will be there to walk with her. She will be able to see the beauty of life and the balance of nature. She will realize that all things on this planet are for her ultimate good.

Camping can help give your youth a sense of freedom and adventure. It can give perspective as to how happiness can be found in abundance even and especially when we live simply. It’s an opportunity to learn and develop useful skills while all your senses enjoy the abundance and beauty of the outdoors. Solstice East allows family members to join in on these trips and put into practice what they have learned in family therapy.

We are here for your teens in San Antonio, Texas.  We can walk with them and help them begin on their path toward recovery and happiness. Please call and contact us today if you’re interested.

Teen Depression Treatment Centers

Teen Depression Treatment

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