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Depression & Teen Self Harm More Likely in Social Media-Using Girls

Depression & Teen Self Harm More Likely in Social Media-Using Girls

Depression & Teen Self Harm More Likely in Social Media-Using Girls 150 150 se_admin

We live in an era where nearly every teen has a smartphone in their hand. They can communicate with each other within seconds through various platforms, find information with a few clicks of a finger, and–for girls especially–possibly increase their risk for developing depression, anxiety, or teen self harm.

You may be thinking, “What? Because they use social media? No way.” Many recent studies have found a link between these mental health issues and a higher use of social media in girls–so this is very real and very important. Teen self harm, depression, and anxiety are all serious struggles, which means this issue needs to be looked at with a more serious tone. Daily Mail recently reported on this increasing issue.

Social media & mental health issues in girls

It’s been discovered that more than 25 percent of girls, ages 16 to 24, are struggling with symptoms of depression. How is that compared to the rate for males? It’s 3 times as much. Teen self harm is also becoming a worrying issue–anywhere from 20 to 25 percent of girls have engaged in teen self harm (cutting is the most common method). A report conducted by NHS found that young women are experiencing symptoms of mental health issues at a much faster rate than boys.

Stephen Buckley, the head of information at the mental health charity Mind, explains that the increase is likely due to a combination of things. He stated:

“Young people are coming of working age in times of economic uncertainty, they’re more likely to experience issues associated with debt, unemployment and poverty, and they are up against increasing social and environmental pressures, all of which affect well-being. Since the last data was released in 2009, we’ve seen a surge in the use of social media.”

Buckley says that social media can be a powerful tool for positivity and support for those that have a struggle finding elsewhere. He also says that it can be a bringer of negativity, too. Quite often, social media can lead to negative feelings and behaviors because of the “instantaneous and anonymous nature” of it. It’s not unheard of for teens to target one another online–cyberbullying is an increasing issue and it happens to girls a lot.

If you believe your daughter is struggling with depression, anxiety, or teen self harm, it’s important to seek out a professional for further guidance on how to best help her.

Solstice East helps with teen self harm in girls

Solstice East is a residential treatment center for girls, ages 14 to 18, grappling with depression, anxiety, trauma, teen self harm, and other emotional or behavioral problems. In our residential treatment for teens, we strive to help our girls develop healthy habits and lead themselves back onto a path of success and happiness.

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