The Truth Behind Teen Tech Addiction

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Social media has become increasingly popular in today’s society. Young people turn to social media to keep themselves entertained, show a highlight reel of their own life, and to snoop on the lives of others. It can quickly [...]

Unplugging Teen Cyberbullying

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Online bullying has become increasingly common with the growth of social media platforms. The term that refers to online bullying is best known as “cyberbullying”. Teen cyberbullying can quickly start to have a negative impact on ones life. [...]

Parenting 101: Help for OCD in Teens

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Obsessive compulsive disorder can quickly become all-consuming in a teen’s life. Studies show that when teens are constantly hard on themselves it can lead to the development of OCD. The frequency and intensity of OCD-like behaviors is what [...]

What Causes Stress in Teens: Management Strategies

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The teenage years can be an extremely stressful period in one’s life. Young one’s are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in. Relationships, school work, and hormones can make this period in one’s [...]

You Aren’t Out of Options: Treatment for Teen Depression

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Treatment for teen depression is needed more now than ever before, especially for young women. Studies show that today’s youth experience depression much more often than generations before them. Research has linked this to increased academic pressure, unattainable [...]

Girl Time: Parenting a child with peer-relationship struggles

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Girlhood can be extremely difficult. Drama and social demands are constantly on the radar. Girls can find it challenging to socially navigate. This can cause peer-related struggles. As a parent, this can be heart-breaking. We wish everyone could [...]

The Debate on Devices: Video Game Addiction Symptoms

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“Video game addiction” was recently made an official thing by the World Health Organization. This opened up a new pool of debates among society. Is smartphone addiction also a thing? Does it deserve its own special diagnosis and [...]

Equine Therapy: The Good Kind of Horsing Around

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Equine Therapy is a type of experiential therapy between patients and horses. This type of therapy can involve grooming, feeding, haltering, and leading a horse. The goal of equine therapy is to provide students with a unique type [...]

Social Media Gone South: Parenting in the Internet Age

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Social media can be a monster. A parent’s worst nightmare. The internet age sets the stage for many scary possibilities. Embarrassing messages can be kept alive forever. Predators and identity thieves are always on the prowl. And criminal [...]

Out Of Control: Tips for Toning Down Your Teenage Daughter’s Impulsive Behavior

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Parenting is hard. There, we said it. And when you’re dealing with an impulsive teenage daughter, the task becomes even more difficult. When your teen acts out upon impulse it can be frustrating, embarrassing, and can quickly become [...]