Teen Girl Issues

Why Are Gen Z Teenagers More Likely to Self Harm?

By | September 11th, 2019|Teen Girl Issues, Therapy|

Although there may just be more visibility on the Internet, self-harm in Gen Z is on the rise. Time Magazine attributes the increase in self-harm among today’s teenagers to the intensified teen angst that is spread through social [...]

Why Teens Avoid the D Word: Sadness in Teens

By | June 5th, 2019|Depression, Teen Girl Issues|

Teens with depression may feel uncomfortable verbalizing how they feel. They may feel embarrassed or may not want to seem vulnerable. Some things to consider include why it may be hard for your teen to say they are [...]

Managing the Split: How to Help Your Teenager Through Divorce

By | April 29th, 2019|Teen Girl Issues, trauma|

Divorce is a decision that affects the whole family. Teenagers experience many hormonal changes, developmental shifts, and may feel like they are riding an emotional rollercoaster through their adolescent years. When divorce is added to the mix, this [...]

Calming the Identity Crisis: Tips for Parents of Teens with Identity Issues

By | July 20th, 2018|Mental Health, Teen Girl Issues|

The teenage years are full of growing pains. This is a transitional period in our lives where we are determining who we are, who we want to be, where we fit in, and where we don’t. Finding our [...]

Help! My Daughter is Depressed

By | June 15th, 2018|Depression, Teen Girl Issues|

The teenage years can be extremely tough. You remember the growing pains associated with trying to handle hormones, make good grades, maintain a social life, and enjoy your hobbies or find new ones. It can all be extremely [...]

6 Tips for Talking With Your Teen About Healthy Relationships

By | March 19th, 2018|Teen Girl Issues, Therapy|

If given the choice between talking to their kids about dating and relationships and walking through a cave of bees with a honeypot in hand, many parents would choose the latter—and in a heartbeat! The sad fact of [...]

Is Your Daughter Struggling with PTSD? 5 Ways You Can Help

By | February 12th, 2018|Teen Girl Issues, trauma, Trauma Treatment|

The after-effect of severe trauma, otherwise known as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), is an all too common blight on the lives of today’s young people. Girls suffer from PTSD more frequently than boys.  In fact, 15-43 percent [...]

Don’t Let Social Media Get Your Daughter Down: Social Media and Depression in Teens

By | February 2nd, 2018|Technology Use, Teen Girl Issues|

Depression is an all too common problem among today’s teens. The National Institute of Mental Health reports, in fact, that between 10-15% of teen-agers suffer symptoms of teen depression; and, furthermore, that 17.3% of teens that suffered a [...]

Breathe In, Breathe Out: How Mindfulness Helps Teens who Struggle with Depression and Anxiety

By | January 29th, 2018|Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Mental Issues, Teen Girl Issues, Trauma Treatment|

Teen suicide. Substance abuse. Bullying and fights. Although seemingly unrelated, these all too frequent epidemics are plaguing today’s schools; and, frequently, they seem to spring from a single common source. Kids are finding it tough to cope these [...]

Avoiding Anxiety in Teens

By | November 16th, 2017|Anxiety, Mental Health, Mental Issues, Teen Girl Issues|

Photo Credit: flickr user - amenclinicsphotos With anxiety being one of the most common mental health issues found in the general population, avoiding anxiety in teens can be challenging. While medication, therapy, and the support of loved [...]