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Frozen Actress Kristen Bell Discusses Battle With Depression

Frozen Actress Kristen Bell Discusses Battle With Depression

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Recently, Kristen Bell, star of Frozen and Veronica Mars, opened up about her battle with depression. She penned an essay describing the dark and “all consuming” times in her life where depression took hold of her. As a normally bubbly, positive person, her depression made her feel like she was a different person altogether. This is the way many people feel while experiencing signs of depression.

In the same essay, Kristen Bell also discusses the importance of going to regular checkups with a mental health professional, the same way you would with any other doctor. 

If you have a child you suspect is struggling with depression, it’s important to recognize the signs of depression and get them the help they need.

Noticing the Signs of Depression

If your teen has started shutting off from the world, it might be a sign that they are depressed. Depression can look like a variety of different things. Here are a few symptoms of depression to look out for in your teen:

  • No energy: If your teen is constantly holed up in their room sleeping or stays up at all hours of the night, it may be a sign of something like depression.
  • Acting recklessly: Impulsive, reckless behavior like substance use and dangerous driving
  • Problems concentrating: Trouble paying attention in class, staying engaged in conversations for an extended period of time
  • Not interested in former hobbies: Completely detached from activities they were once passionate about
  • Isolation from friends: Your teen may have stopped hanging out with their friend group for seemingly no reason at all

How to Help

After your child is diagnosed with depression, many parents have no idea what the next step would be. If your child has started displaying worrisome behaviors due to their depression, it might be a good idea to seek professional help. Other things you can do at home include:

  • Getting your child moving and active: Exercise has been shown to decrease the symptoms of depression in depressed individuals. If your child is usually a couch potato, get them to go on a walk with you every day after dinner or something. That will help them feel better and it’s a great bonding opportunity as well.
  • Healthy diet: Make sure your teen is staying away from junk food if they are struggling with depression. Eating foods rich in mood enhancing nutrients such as bananas, spinach, and quinoa can help improve her overall well being.
  • Reach out to family and friends for help: It’s important for your teen to know that they are not alone in their struggles with depression. Having a strong support group is super important to their overall mental health.

Solstice East can help

If you have a daughter struggling with depression, it might be a good idea to seek professional help. Solstice East, a residential treatment center for teen girls ages 14-18, can help your daughter work through her emotional and behavioral struggles.


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