Cell phones and teens go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cell phone addiction in teens, however, has been steadily increasing ever since the cell phone became a widespread device. Getting your teen off their cell phone and into the real world might seem like a difficult task. However, there are ways of reducing their addiction to their phones.

Where to start

You’re probably aware that your teen will put up a fight if you try and take away their cell phone completely. It’s pretty much an extended part of many teen’s bodies and souls. You can help put a damper on your teen’s cell phone addiction through the following:

  1. Show them an app, like this appthat displays how many times per day they check their phone. That’s bound to shock them, and it will make them more aware of their cell phone addiction.
  2. Get them to make a to-do list of all the things your teen want to do within a day. Make it a rule that they can’t check their phones until all of those tasks are completed.
  3. Recommend carrying a book wherever they go. If they get bored, they can read the book instead of looking at their phone.
  4. Create a charging station in your bedroom so they don’t have their phones during bedtime. This also helps stop them from getting involved in inappropriate online activity.
  5. Help them cut back on cell phone use slowly. Set new goals each week and eventually they’ll no longer be on their phones 24/7!

Cell phones form barriers

cell phone addiction in teens

Photo Source: Flickr User – melinamanfrinatti

Although cell phones are meant to help us communicate with each other, excessive use cuts off a great deal of real-life communication. The bonds teens form over cell phones is not as meaningful as a relationship formed in person and without the barrier cell phones create.

Additional help

If your teen is having continued issues, such as depression and anxiety, related to their cell phone addiction, consider sending them to a residential treatment center. Solstice East is a residential treatment center for teen girls, ages 14-18,  struggling with emotional and behavioral issues, such as technology and cell phone addiction.

For more information about Solstice East, please call us today at 828-484-9946.