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A Disorder With Hard Days: ADHD symptoms in teens

A Disorder With Hard Days: ADHD symptoms in teens

A Disorder With Hard Days: ADHD symptoms in teens 150 150 se_admin

It’s like a sugar rush on steroids. It’s in one ear and out the other. But if your teen has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), they may not be doing it on purpose.

ADHD symptoms in teens take many forms, with the three main features being inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Everyone can have a day or two with any of these tendencies, but if any of them last longer than six months, they may be ADHD symptoms in teens.

Hyperactive, Impulsive, Inattentive

Recognizing the ADHD symptoms in teens early is paramount – as with any illness, the longer it goes untreated, the more difficult it is to deal with in the future. Telltale ADHD symptoms in teens include fidgeting, restlessness, excessive talking, interrupting, and impatience on the hyperactivity side. Inattentiveness usually manifests itself in not caring about little details, seeming not to listen even when spoken to directly, being disorganized, missing deadlines, trouble focusing, and forgetfulness. A hyperactive teen might seem rude and in need of immediate gratification; an inattentive teen might seem lethargic or “spacey”.

If your child exhibits any of the standard ADHD symptoms in teens, it is important to remember to be supportive. ADHD can have rough moments, but with a good attitude even the worst of the days will pass. Keeping calm and not getting into power struggles or shouting matches with your teen will make matters easier; ADHD often causes teens to be argumentative or more prone to risky behaviors, so remaining rational and fair will prevent your teen from getting worked up. Setting a consistent system of limits and rewards will provide positive reinforcement and encourage your teen to obey your rules and guidelines. A healthy routine including a balanced diet, exercise, and regular sleep will also mitigate the effects of ADHD.

If you have difficulty controlling your teen’s ADHD, it might be time to consider professional help.

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