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Teen Treatment Programs Helping Teens Struggling with Depression

Teenage Depression Treatment

Teenage depression treatment centers are mental health programs specifically designed to help teens who struggle with depression, among other challenges. These facilities are often inpatient and provide therapeutic support to depressed teens.

How does Solstice East help Teens with Depression?

Solstice East is one of the leading treatment facilities for teenage depression. We guide teenage girls through the healing process of diagnosed depression. Our approach is holistic and progressive. Solstice East always puts the student’s best interests at the heart of our programs. We know that no two students are alike, that’s why our treatments are specialized for each individual. depression treatment centers for teens

Our main goal is for teenagers to feel accepted and welcome. Developing a sense of trust and familiar relationships allows for students to be open to various therapy options. Once trust is established, Solstice East can assess the student and determine which type of depression treatment is best for her.

Our most unique approach for treating depression in teenagers is Milieu Therapy. This type of therapy sets Solstice East apart from other residential treatment centers for teenage depression because it focuses on a true reality-based therapeutic approach. Teens connect socially with a multitude of groups within our facility. Creating an everyday lifestyle therapy approach allows our students to gain insight into themselves and others around them.

What are the Causes of Teenage Depression?

The causes of teenage depression are a vast and ever-growing concern among industry professionals. Approximately 11% of youth will experience depression, and these episodes are associated with downstream negative consequences later in adolescence (academic difficulties, risky behavior engagement, self-injury) and adulthood (lower income levels, higher divorce rates, suicidality).teens at school for struggling girls

The exact causes of teenage depression are unknown, but particular associations have been pegged as major contributing factors to teenage depression. Five major issues cause depression in teenagers: Abnormal or impaired biological functioning within the brain’s neurotransmitters, a teenager experiencing a hormonal imbalance, genetically inherited traits, early childhood traumatic events, and a frequent pattern of consistent negative thinking.

Many risk factors have also been strongly linked to a development of depression in teenagers. These include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Being a victim of abuse,
  • Having other mental disorders
  • Having a learning disability
  • Suffering from a chronic illness
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Having a dysfunctional family
  • Having an emotional disorder,
  • Being LGBTQ+ in an unwelcome environment

All of these factors act as both probable causes and triggers of depression in teenagers.

Teenage depression facts are immense, and many environmental factors are contributors. However, prevention is possible by spotting risk factors early and seeking proper help.

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Getting help for your struggling teen before symptoms get worse

If you fear that your daughter is going down the wrong path in life due to the emotional and behavioral challenges they are struggling with, it may be best to get help now before their situation becomes even worse. Solstice East helps steer young women down a happier, brighter path in life. With college-preparatory academics and individualized therapeutic programming, we help change lives and help teens and families plan for a successful future. 

Solstice East helps teens through:

  • Gender-specific programming: At Solstice East, we have designed our culture and programming around a girl-only approach. Everything from our equine therapy programming to the clinical specialization of our therapists is specifically geared towards addressing the complex needs of teen girls.
  • Family centered approach: The most important relationship in your daughter’s life is the one she has with her family. Solstice East has an intensive family therapy focus which includes weekly family therapy sessions, quarterly family seminars, and multi-family groups. Lasting change can only occur if the entire family is on board in the therapeutic process.
  • Relationship-focused programming: One of the highest contributing factors to the overall success of a student during their time at Solstice East is the relationships they develop with therapeutic staff and their peers on campus. These relationships help provide a safe, comforting environment for teens to embark on their healing journey. Learn more about relationship therapy here>>>
  • Equine therapy: Students take part in equine therapy on a regular basis. Working with horses helps students build relationship and communication skills. Horses are extraordinarily social creatures who are very sensitive to an individual’s emotional state. Because of this, they help students regulate emotions. Learn more about equine therapy>>>

Treatments for Teenage Depression

If left untreated, depression in teenagers can lead to serious and grave consequences. The most common and well-known form of treatment is therapy. There are numerous therapy options available. 

Solstice East takes a therapeutic-based approach in treating teenage depression. As one of the leading residential treatment programs for teenage depression, our first goal is gaining trust and building a relationship with the patient.

Treatment options include:

  • Individual Therapy: One-on-one sessions with the patient and trained professional
  • Family Therapy: Sessions with patient, her family, and trained professionals
  • Group Therapy: Sessions with a collection of peers who have a mutually-based understanding of teenage depression
  • Equine Therapy: Connecting with horses and building trust and a sense of purpose
  • Milieu Therapy: Establishing a structured therapeutic environment that promotes healing

Typical treatment of depression in teenagers includes behavior-based therapy with a combination of prescribed medications. However, seeking help is the first and greatest step a teenager can take on her road to recovery.

Symptoms of Depression in Teens

Signs of depression in adolescents and teens include:

Depressed/irritable mood
Loss of interest in hobbies or regular activities
Changes in both appetite and body weight (over eating or lack of appetite)
Trouble sleeping
Numbness in speech
Extreme fatigue
Feelings of worthlessness
Difficulty concentrating
Thoughts of suicide or death
Poor performance in school
Feelings of hopelessness and extreme sadness
Poor self-esteem
Substance abuse
Excessive guilt
Hyper episodes, ADHD behaviors

Equine Therapy Helps Teens Build Relationship & Communication Skills

An important aspect of programming at Solstice East is our equine therapy program. Equine therapy helps students build emotional regulation, self-awareness, mindfulness, and communication skills.

Equine therapy has been found to help individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, and much, much more. Some of the areas in which equine therapy can help include:

Relationships. Many troubled teens struggle to develop healthy, strong relationships with friends and family members. Therapy with horses allows teens to develop a healthy relationship with a living thing, giving them the chance to take the first step towards understanding how to nurture and maintain relationships.

Stress and Anxiety Relief. This isn’t just in equine, but also in therapy with other animals as well. Animals have a way of calming us down and smoothly our nerves over. Equine therapy has also been shown to actually relieve physical ailments associated with mood or anxiety disorders, such as headaches, dizziness, or nausea.

Self-Reflection. One of the things that troubled teens struggle most with is self-reflection. This ability is needed in order to move through life in a satisfying and successful way. By working with horses, teens see the direct effects of their actions which gives them the opportunity to understand natural consequences.

Resources for State Families Seeking Help

NAMI The National Alliance on Mental Illness describes itself as a grassroots approach to improving mental health awareness. An organization that started small, the National Alliance on Mental Illness has now grown to become one of the best-recognized mental health organizations in the nation with branches all across the United States.
NIMH A lead federal agency on mental health research, the National Institute of Mental Health is part of the National Institutes of Health the largest biomedical research agency in the world. The ultimate goal of the National Institute of Mental Health is the complete eradication of mental illness from the world.


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