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Summer Camp For Troubled Girls From Delaware

Solstice East: Not a Typical Summer Camp for Troubled Girls from Delaware

Solstice East is different. There are many treatment options available to struggling girls from Delaware, but very few options truly focus on the person, rather than a diagnosis. At Solstice East, every student is an individual and a personalized treatment plan is developed to ensure that every girl gets the treatment she requires. Since every person is different, focusing on the student allows our team to develop the therapeutic experience that best serves each child’s needs. State-of-the-art facilities and a wide variety of activities ensure that every day at Solstice East is an adventure. The warm atmosphere and frequent communication sessions with parents guarantee that at Solstice East, a struggling girl is never far away from home. Summer Camp For Troubled Girls Delaware

At Solstice East, a holistic approach to therapy (one that simultaneously targets the mind, body, and spirit) helps every girl find the version of herself that she truly wants to be. The girls-only program at Solstice East allows adolescent girls to become comfortable with who they are. Guided by our team, struggling girls can truly overcome their issues and begin forming lasting, genuine changes for the better.

In the past, programs such as summer camps for troubled girls have been known to demand compliance from their students. Today, however, these horror-stories are a relic of the past. Solstice East focuses on healing girls from the inside, with positive changes at the heart of the experience. Struggling girls 14-18 from every state including Delaware are welcome at our North Carolina campus. For more information, call 855-672-7058 today!
Summer Camp For Troubled Girls Delaware

Who does Solstice East help?

Solstice East helps Delaware teens in a Summer Camp For Troubled Girls setting who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Social Isolation
– Asperger’s Disorder
– Family Dysfunction
– Depression
– Trauma
– Body Image Issues
– Nonverbal Learning Disorder
– Defiance
– Grief and Loss
– Disordered Eating
– Anxiety
– Adoption/ Attachment Issues
– Low Self Esteem
– Self Harm
– Impulse Control

Summer Camp for Troubled Girls Guides Delaware Teens Toward Success

There are many types of trauma. While the word trauma often refers only to significant, catastrophic events, in truth, little traumas can be as damaging to a child’s well-being. Regardless of the intensity of an experienced trauma, it can cause severe distress. Unfortunately, it is only too common for trauma centers to focus on big Traumas, as opposed to the little traumas. This is precisely what differentiates Solstice East from a typical trauma summer camp for troubled girls: at Solstice East, struggling Delaware girls can find help for trauma of any scale.  Summer Camp For Troubled Girls Delaware

Trauma can affect up to 43% of girls, with 15% showing diagnosable symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, even without outward symptoms, trauma can wreak havoc from the inside. Girls who have experienced trauma may begin forming dangerous coping mechanisms , that can affect their personality, happiness, and relationships. At Solstice East, no trauma is too small; whether a girl has experience a major traumatic event or is wired to be more sensitive to the surrounding world, Solstice East can find a treatment plan.

Offering long-term, year-round stays, Solstice East is far from being a simple summer camp for troubled girls. The extended length of the program helps girls receive a more in-depth therapeutic experience, with far greater positive change. While Solstice East is located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, we accept students from across America, including Delaware. With the assistance offered at Solstice East, girls struggling with trauma and other issues can finally find their way back to a healthy path.

Resources for Delaware Families Seeking Help

NAMI , The National Alliance on Mental Health is a grassroots mental health organization that helps people connect to the help they need. With a multi-step approach to mental health, the National Alliance on Mental Health advocates public policy, offers education programs, fights stigma, and provides resources for people to find mental health professionals in their area.
Wikipedia , By far the best-known encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia contains over 5 million articles in English alone. Although Wikipedia lacks professional oversight, it is an unmatched resource as far as the beginning steps of research go. With links for suggested reading, historical context, and thorough descriptions, Wikipedia is the place to find general overviews of virtually any mental illness imaginable.
Summer Camp For Troubled Girls Delaware

Solstice East Helps Families From Delaware

Solstice East helps Delaware families from cities and towns like: Hockessin Townsend Bear Middletown Smyrna Newark Highland Acres Claymont Clayton Kent Acres

Solstice East helps Delaware families from:

Some examples of cities from Delaware which may have families who may be interested in Solstice East include: Wilmington Hockessin Townsend Bear Middletown
Summer Camp For Troubled Girls Delaware

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Solstice East helps Delaware families from zip codes like these: