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Community Service

Volunteering and dedicating time to community service projects locally and globally plays a significant role in the structure of Solstice East’s adventure therapy program. Studies have shown that volunteering helps people feel more socially connected and increases overall life satisfaction. Donating time to community projects improves mental and physical health and can aid mood disorders including anxiety and depression. Our students participate in weekly community service efforts in partnership with established regional non-profit organizations. Through these enduring experiences and repeated efforts, students practice kindness, develop an increased sense of purpose, and deepen their capacity for compassion.

At Solstice, experiential therapy practices including participating in community service opportunities can help shift perspectives and assist individuals in developing a heightened sense of self-worth that comes from helping others. Our students volunteer for a wide spectrum of causes to expand their understanding of the world around them and to encourage meaningful connections. Experiences are as diverse as planting and tending gardens at community farms, lending a hand at the local humane society, and sharing stories and playing games with the elderly at nursing homes. Some of the organizations that Solstice East students dedicate their time to include:

  • Brother Wolf Animal Shelter
  • Elida (Foster Care and Child Services)
  • Full Moon Farms (Wolf Dog Sanctuary)
  • Haw Creek Commons (Community Garden)
  • Manna Food Bank
  • NC Arboretum
  • Riverlink
  • Steadfast House (Women’s Shelter)
  • United Way
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