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Adventure Therapy

Solstice East offers a robust Adventure Therapy program designed to support each individual’s therapeutic goal while providing all students with well-rounded learning and growth opportunities. The Adventure Therapy program is an integrated component of our clinical overview and combines experiential education, community service, overnight adventure trips, and outdoor recreation in Western North Carolina’s unparalleled mountain surroundings. From stunning panoramic views and breathtaking waterfalls to challenging hiking trails and natural swimming holes, our Adventure Therapy program combines Western North Carolina’s premier native landscape with an effective therapeutic environment.

More than just recreation, our adventure activities are intentionally selected and based on clinically researched learning models. At Solstice East, we integrate practices from the growing field of ecotherapy into our clinically-led framework of Adventure Therapy programming. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can help reduce anxiety and depression and alleviate stress. Through ecotherapy activities led by trained outdoor professionals, our students build positive relationships with their peers, mentors, and community; learn healthy ways to communicate and resolve conflict; improve their sense of self-awareness; gain self-confidence, and; engage in meaningful real-life opportunities. Adventure-based activities push physical and emotional limits allowing students to learn how to trust their abilities, overcome thoughts of self-doubt, and learn patience and compassion for themselves and others.

Each week, our students participate in experiential education groups focusing on DBT concepts, social skills, leadership, emotional regulation, and positive relationship reinforcement. These lessons are then applied to weekly outdoor activities, community service endeavors, and overnight camping trips. At Solstice East, our intention is to create a supportive environment where our students learn through experience, gain insight, and develop skills that can be applied to their daily lives. As they are intentionally challenged, our students develop and learn alongside one another to achieve a stronger understanding of themselves as individuals, while strengthening relationships that can be sustained for a lifetime.

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