Addiction Teen Treatment Center Specifically for Teen Girls Ages 14 – 18

In most cases, addiction teen treatment center settings have been almost exclusively based on 12 Step programming. Often times, clients with different addictive behaviors have often been treated in a similar manner, using with the same approach. When this happens, girls with addictive self-harming behaviors, or compulsive social media use are being treated in the same groups as substance abusers though they are suffering from different addictive behaviors. While 12 Step programming is valuable, helpful, and widely used for helping individuals who are struggling with addictions, there are other valid approaches that are very effective as well. Solstice East believes in using a variety of approaches to treat addictive behaviors, which is one of the many aspects that makes us a leading teen treatment center. 

In our teen treatment center, we have found this to be more effective in the following ways:

1) We are able to successfully engage more clients in their own recovery

2) It results in a higher percentage of positive, long-term outcomes.

Our addiction teen treatment center is designed to serve young women struggling with a variety of addictive behaviors which include substance abuse, self-harm, disordered eating, unhealthy relationships, and technology addiction. Furthermore, girls with non-substance abuse behaviors have their own group to address these issues thus avoiding the problems associated with combining them into the substance abuse groups.

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Specific Treatment for Specific Age Group

Adolescents need treatment interventions specific to their developmental stage, and should not be treated as if they were adults. In our experience as a teen treatment center, we’ve found that young women have their own set of gender-specific, developmental issues which can impact who they are and the decisions that they make. Therefore, young women require specific addiction treatment that addresses their specific needs.

It is for these reasons that we also employ other interventions in our teen treatment center beyond the traditional 12 Step model. These other interventions more relatable to young women include Women for Sobriety, Rational Recovery, and SMART Recovery. Studies have shown gender specific interventions such as Women for Sobriety have been found to be more effective for females in recovery than standard 12 Step programming.

In addition to our age and gender specific programming, we also provide a powerful model for intervening with addictive behaviors in adolescents including:

  • Two 60-90 minute groups per week focused on addiction. One group focuses on substance/chemical abuse while the other includes a broader focus on addictions including self-harm, eating disorders, sexual addictions, and relationship issues.  We have found that peer intervention is powerful in helping our teens recognize they are not alone and find support.
  • Weekly to bi-monthly individual addiction therapy sessions with our licensed substance abuse counselor. This provides us with an opportunity to address and work through personal and individualized challenges which have been inhibiting change.
  • Monthly family addiction therapy sessions conducted with the primary therapist and licensed substance abuse counselor focused on addiction issues. These sessions are used to help educate parents about their daughter’s addiction treatment and inviting them to take an active role in the recovery process.

At Solstice we understand the needs of young girls are different than those of adults, and that one addictive behavior can easily be replaced by new addictions. Because of this, our interest is in addressing the core challenges that lead to addictive behaviors in order to provide healthier outlet. This unique focus is one of the reasons our teen treatment center has been so successful.


Solstice Student Success Stories

  • “Solstice has changed my life…”
  • “Thank you for not just doing your job but for really loving her and ‘getting’ her. And for giving me back my sister.”
  • “This is safest I’ve ever felt and the most at home I’ve ever felt and I think that’s thanks to you guys.”
  • “Solstice has helped our whole family evolve and make really positive changes. We welcome the help and support. Thank you so much!”
  • “I’ve learned to trust myself and believe in myself.”
  • “We were at the bottom and we’ve come so far together as a family. And I think that’s what makes Solstice special.”
  • “She had been lost somewhere where she shut us out and now she’s back and for that I thank you. I’m so proud.
  • “I’m in a much better place now…”
  • “The staff at Solstice genuinely care about me…”
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