• A Fully Accredited Therapeutic Program & High School

Individualized Learning:

Upon admission to Solstice East, our Academic Director will review a student’s records including school transcripts and report cards as well as neuropsychiatric test results to ensure that an individualized academic plan is in place. This ensures that entering students are placed in classes that advocate motivational learning, remedy missing credit requirements, and set a student on track for high school graduation success. Students who require additional academic support may receive assistance during a dedicated morning homeroom period as well as in one-on-one tutorial sessions.

Small Classes, One-on-One Attention:

Class sizes are purposefully kept small, with no more than 12 students per class. This structure allows for more individual attention and hands-on learning. Our average class size is around six students.

Shorter Terms, Flexible Schedules:

Our academic program operates year-round, offering five instructional terms during a calendar year in which students can earn full quarter class credits each term. Each term is 10 weeks long with fall and spring each consisting of two terms and summer consisting of one. Fall and spring semesters offer a traditional classroom instruction experience complete with lectures, collaborative group work assignments, independent study, hands-on activities, and labs. The summer term is a chance for students to work on credit recovery, explore electives, or advance with additional credits. Students who complete high school at Solstice East receive a diploma from the state of North Carolina. The diploma awarded will name our private academic program which cannot be digitally traced to our residential treatment center. Non-graduating students may transfer their accrued credits to their school of choice due to Solstice’s accreditation status. 

Asheville Academy and Solstice East, Weaverville, North Carolina, August 30, 2016.

Integration of Academics and Therapy:

At Solstice East, we have curated our academic program to be fully integrated with our premier therapeutic clinical program. Our experience has shown us that teens who succeed academically will be more likely to apply motivation to other areas of their lives as well. Students who experience an increase in self-confidence and self-efficacy from academics also display positive progress in their clinical work and in mending family relationships. Our teachers and therapists work hand-in-hand to ensure each student reaches their therapeutic goals while achieving academic success.

Special Education Services:

For students with unique needs and learning disabilities, Solstice East offers classes led by a certified special education teacher. These classes are designed to meet the exceptional needs of students who require one-on-one help with executive functioning skills as well as students who have either an IEP or 504 plan in place. Our faculty will work directly with each student to create an academic plan with measurable goals addressing a student’s individualized learning style and educational needs. The student will meet with their special education teacher bi-monthly to evaluate their progress and make the necessary accommodations and modifications to their plan as needed.