Many of our girls arrive at Solstice East struggling in school. Sometimes those struggles are due to lack of motivation, lack of success, attention, or learning style challenges.

Often, these academic struggles are one of the things parents notice first as concern grows for the welfare of their child.  Sometimes it’s a child who previously excelled suddenly underperforming.  Other times it may be a culmination of years of a child struggling to reach their potential.

As one of the leading treatment boarding schools for girls, we have designed our academic approach to meet the young women where they are and help them develop an individualized academic plan to restore their good academic standing.

With small classes, personal plans, and strong support Solstice students can see incredible academic gains.  These improvements are just one part of the overall progress your daughter can have at Solstice, but not at other boarding schools for girls. 

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Small classes and individualized attention

Unlike other boarding schools for girls, class sizes are purposefully kept small with no more than 10 girls per class to allow more individual attention and hands-on learning. Our average class size is around 6 students.

Our academic program operates year-round, offering five 10-week terms in which students can earn a full quarter-credit in each class. These shorter terms and flexible scheduling can help students to catch up academically. In addition, independent study courses are available for students interested in taking classes specific to their needs.

Integration of academics and therapy

At Solstice East, we have put a great deal of effort into developing an academic program that is fully integrated with our clinical program. Our experience in treatment boarding schools for girls has shown us those teens that start to succeed academically experience a great boost in their motivation in other areas of their lives. Students begin to feel good about themselves again by experiencing an increase in self-confidence and self-efficacy, which in turn has a very positive impact on their clinical progress and family relationships.

For these reasons, academic progress and success is a major focus at Solstice East. We use the following components of our program to assist in keeping academic and therapeutic progress fully integrated:

  • A therapeutic phase program based on the archetypal “Hero’s Journey.”
  • Weekly multi-disciplinary treatment team meetings which include the student’s therapists, residential staff, and academic team to integrate the discussion of therapeutic and academic progress.
  • Master treatment plans including academic problems and goals.
  • The presence of the academic director and teachers in group therapy sessions.

Experiential learning opportunities, which include field trips, outings, camping trips, and other hands-on learning experiences that focus on a combination of education, recreation, community involvement and therapeutic process.

Additional Assistance with Different Learning Styles

Each student has an Individualized Academic Plan. This plan shows the student’s academic goals and objectives The document is one that the team, teachers, parents, therapist, and student, can access to help to clarify what strengths and challenges and action plans within the classroom. Students who need additional support with academic and organizational skills can receive tutoring within the school day as well as one-on-one tutorial sessions.

We also offer extra support services if you are interested in your daughter receiving evaluation for more academic support services, please let us know.  The optional support services we offer include: Orton Gillingham, Occupational Therapy,  and Study Skills curriculum. This is one of the aspects that sets us apart and makes us more effective than other boarding schools for girls


High School Graduation: Girls who complete high school at Solstice East are awarded high school diplomas from the State of North Carolina. The diploma they will be awarded will come from our private academic program, which will not be referenced as a residential treatment school. Solstice East utilizes North Carolina requirements for students when awarding a diploma. If student is returning to another district, we are able to tailor course selection to meet that districts requirements. For additional information on our offerings, please see the links at right.

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