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Student Life

Students attending Solstice East receive educational instruction from our private North Carolina certified on-campus academics academy, fully accredited by Cognia. Our customized educational approach encourages a challenging academic environment while meeting each student’s individualized emotional and therapeutic needs. With small classes and passionate teachers, Solstice East’s academic program features a competitive college preparatory curriculum designed to inspire our diverse student population.

Small classes and individualized attention

Students arriving at Solstice East come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and enter our program at various levels of academic completion and engagement. Many have fallen behind in their studies or are lacking in grade-level credits due to a series of mental health challenges or traumas, and are struggling in school due to a lack of motivation, deficit of attention, or learning style challenges. For some, structured classes, if attended at all, have become an obstacle fueling depression, anxiety, and mental health disorders.

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Integration of academics and therapy

We recognize the highly creative qualities that typical Solstice East students possess and we aim to reignite enthusiastic learning in our milieu. Our small classes promote individualized learning in a nurturing environment, utilizing a traditional classroom structure with interactive teaching methods. We curate our academic approach to meet each student’s individual needs while striving to inspire our students in developing solid learning skills with the ultimate aim to create confident and enthusiastic lifelong learners.

At Solstice East, we offer a full range of core classes year-round, from special education to honors-level classes, to accommodate all learning styles and levels. Our classes are taught by an esteemed faculty certified in specific content areas with experience working in a therapeutic setting. Credits earned at our on-campus academy are fully accredited and recognized for university and college admissions standards. Students completing high school will receive a diploma from the State of North Carolina while non-graduating high school students may transfer credits earned to their home high school for future graduation.

Through our fully accredited school, Solstice East students experience incredible academic gains while discovering their intellectual talents and passions. Our academics academy is fully integrated into a therapeutic learning environment ensuring our students are supported and prepared for success.

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