• A Fully Accredited Therapeutic Program & High School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities to support a milieu that we recognize is made up of unique individuals that learn and respond differently to specific therapeutic practices. Our primary therapists have diverse backgrounds and strengths. They utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities, including CBT, Experiential DBT, TF-CBT, ACT, psychotherapy, ecotherapy, and Yoga for Resiliency and Trauma, to name a few.  At Solstice East, we are proud that all therapists receive training in TF-EAP, Brainspotting, and EMDR.

    Students will participate in a minimum of three hours a week of individual and family therapy sessions guided by their primary therapist. Additionally, students will participate in a minimum of six therapeutic group sessions each week, including equine therapy and adventure therapy. For students with a history of substance and addictions issues, we provide group therapies guided by our on-staff Addictions Program Director. 

  • Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) will be expected to participate in weekly Family Therapy sessions via video conferencing (Skype/Zoom) and to complete any additional therapeutic assignments extended by their primary therapist. Families are also encouraged to attend and participate in our quarterly two and a half-day long on-campus family seminar events. We also request that all families attend a one-day Relationship Logic/ New Parent Workshop.

  • Insurance funding may be available depending on your family’s policy/provider and your child’s medical necessity. As a licensed private-pay facility we work Bridgeway Billing, a third-party advocate, to help families navigate available insurance.

  • The average length of stay for our students is 11-13 months. Length of stay is determined by how a student progresses through our clinically-led phase system. Students receive weekly assessments from their primary therapist and treatment team to gauge their progress. 

  • Family therapy video conferencing will take place weekly, plus students will have time during the weekend to place a social call to family members. Writing and receiving letters and packages by mail is welcome and encouraged! Parents will be able to see their child in person on average every 4-6 weeks.

  • Solstice East provides around-the-clock supervision for its students in the form of trained mentorship staff. With a small 4:1 student-to-staff ratio during the day and an 8:1 ratio during the nighttime hours, mentors provide students support throughout the day during therapy groups, school work, meal times, and recreational activities. The mentors are the front lines of our community and are there to guide students in building healthy, positive relationships.

  • Students attending Solstice East receive educational instruction from our private North Carolina certified on-campus academics academy, fully accredited by Cognia. Our intimate, teacher-led classes have an average class size of six students and provide a challenging academic environment while keeping each student’s therapeutic needs in mind. We offer a full range of core classes year-round, from special education to honors-level courses, to accommodate all learning styles and levels. Students who complete high school at Solstice East will receive a North Carolina-issued diploma, which names our private academic program and cannot be digitally traced to our residential treatment center. Non-graduating students may transfer their accrued credits to their school of choice due to Solstice’s accreditation status. 

  • With the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in our backyard, Solstice East has integrated a robust Adventure Therapy program into our therapeutic approach. All students, no matter their level of experience, will participate in exciting recreational-based therapies such as mountain biking and paddle boarding, led by trained outdoor professionals. Through these sessions, students build positive relationships with their peers, mentors, and community; learn healthy ways to communicate and resolve conflict; alleviate anxiety and depression, and; improve their sense of self-awareness and esteem. Please see our dedicated Adventure Therapy page for more information: https://solsticeeast.com/adventure-therapy/


  • We have a team of chefs who work together to provide healthy, delicious meals and snacks for our students and staff.  Our chefs are very understanding of the wide variety of nutritional needs and work with the students to make sure their needs are met.  Each meal has gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian options. 

  • There are four different teams at Solstice East. Each team has up-to 15 students and have access to their own dorm rooms and common-living space. Students bunk in a room with up to three roommates from their team. Each student is given a  private twin bunk space that they are able to personalize. They are also provided a dresser and closet space. Each bedroom has access to a private bathroom space.

  • The long-term success of our students is our ultimate goal. From enrollment to graduation, our staff is striving to meet the needs of our students and provide them with the tools for life-long success. At Solstice East, all families will receive guidance from our on-staff Director of Transitional Services on principles of aftercare, navigating high school enrollment, as well as navigating community therapeutic resources. Find out more about our Transitioning Home approach here https://solsticeeast.com/solstice-difference/transition-home/